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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Well the idiot antifa anarchist assholes lived up, or is that down, to expectations.  They took what was a peaceful protest and totally screwed it up by stupidly attacking the police (who did an amazing job) and forcing them to use appropriate force to disperse the almost rioting crowd.  We commend the police for doing a fantastic job keeping the peace and protecting public safety. As to the antifas/idiot anarchists, well karma is a beautiful fucking thing.  One of those assholes tried to attack the police and the results, as you can see below starting at :09, are beautiful!  Damn well done officers. Hope you enjoy watching it and get as many laughs from the video as I did. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

"antifa" & "neo-nazis" Two Sides Of The Same Coin

What happened this past weekend was horrendous. However, what’s even more horrendous are those who are trying to make a group of anarchist, violent punks calling themselves “antifa” into heroes.  They even have the unmitigated gall to compare themselves to the true heroes who fought in WWII. 

“antifa” and the “neo-nazi” punks are both cut from the same cloth and are nothing more than two sides of the same coin. And yes I said “neo’nazis”.  Anybody who has had the least education knows that the real 1933 Nazis are as much like these idiots as I am like the Queen of England.  These clowns have no clue and are only out there to get attention.  The “antifas” idiots are just as bad, and even worse because they infuse violence into a situation where only words are being shouted.  Abhorrent words to be certain, but just WORDS!

I spoke with an organizer from Occupy and observed the same things she did.  The idiot anarchists who came to Occupy meetings and brought violence are the same clueless morons running “antifa”.  There isn’t even the shadow of a doubt. 

Both groups are cut from the same cloth, both come seeking hatred and violence, and both need to knock it the hell off. 

“neo-nazis” you are idiots and are being manipulated.  Get some education and think for yourselves.  “antifa”/idiot anarchists crawl back under your rocks.  We don’t need you to “defend us” from idiots yelling crap.  We don’t want you or your violence. You are NOT fighting for us or America. You are NOT heroes.  You are scum just like the neo-nazis and the reality is you are just as bad and just as violent as they are. 

Tina Fey has it right. Stay home, eat a sheet cake, and don’t give EITHER of those idiot groups the attention they want.  They just aren’t worth your time or energy. #sheetcake

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Starts and Hillary continues to kick ass...aka sanders is terminally fucked!

Hillary Clinton has been dominating the race thus far and there is no question she is not only the most qualified candidate running but one of the most qualified candidates of all time.  One the other side, sanders campaign is coming apart faster than a zombie in 120 degree weather. He is totally fucking done.  This excellent article lays it on the line perfectly.  
2016 promises to be a hell of a year with Hillary being elected president, watching the sanders-bots bitch and moan, and watching the repubs continue to eat their young. Hang around and lets enjoy it together!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Awesome News!

As we all know, Officer Wilson has been completely cleared by the grand jury.  His actions were completely justified and correct. This is welcome news for all our LEA.  Of course then the idiot anarchists/protestors decided to riot and burn the fucking city down which was pure stupidity.  On the 2nd night the Governor sent in the national guard and things have been much quieter. 

We proudly stand with, thank, and support Officer Wilson and all police officers.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Traitor, scumbag, criminal - that's exactly what Snowden is!

I'll make this plain and fucking simple. I am a proud liberal Democrat and I will state flat out that Edward Snowden is a fucking traitor who belongs in jail for the rest of his miserable, fucking life. 

This fucking, traitorous, piece of scum may be the biggest traitor in US history.  He has hurt our country beyond measure. He has damaged both our security and our economy to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. He also may have done serious damage to the world economy. 

There is nothing honorable or heroic in what he did.  He is nothing but a shit bag traitor.

Espionage has been around since before the beginning of recorded history. As means and techniques of communication has changed, so must the ways of gathering that information.  It is that simple. The NSA has done nothing wrong. No Americans have been or will be harmed by their work. 

It's time to focus on real fucking issues: creating jobs, marriage equality for everybody, supporting women's reproductive rights, and voting every fucking repuke out of office that we can. 

Snowden is nothing but a scum-sucking traitor.  The press needs to tell him to fuck the hell off and stop printing his bullshit. Russia needs to tie him the fuck up and give his pathetic ass back to the USA. Then our fine President Obama needs to see that his ass is tried for high crimes and misdemeanors. Then snowden needs to be put away for fucking life.